The Original Metlink App With Updated Timetables Is Available Once Again

Public transport users of Melbourne, if you're still wrestling with the nefarious PTV iPhone app that overwrote the old Metlink one, Public Transport Victoria has this month re-released the old app under the title "PTV Original", as promised.

Since its release on June 18, PTV Original, which is functionally identical to the app's pre-April version, is already proving to be more popular than its supposed successor, with a 4.5/5 rating from 110 reviews, compared to a 1/5 rating from 3711 reviews.

An app called "Metlink Classic" does exists in the App Store, however it doesn't feature the latest timetables or stops so its usefulness is limited. On the other hand, PTV Original will be kept up-to-date while Public Transport Victoria "continue[s] to work" on the new app.

It's unclear if jTribe, the developer of the new PTV app, will be responsible for providing these updates, seeing as it washed its hands of the program in December of last year, according to a post on its official blog. jTribe blamed "infrastructure" issues for the app's poor showing, but this doesn't explain its questionable interface and lack of tutorials. I'm currently waiting to hear back from the developer on more details regarding its thoughts on the app's reception.

PTV Original app now available for download in the App Store [PTV]


    I actually still have the Metlink-branded version on my iPhone. For a while it didn't work, but last week it received updated timetables (dated 21st June). It's still available on the app store, too, I believe with the new timetables (and with an annoying nag screen at start-up suggesting it won't be maintained). Other than that, I'm not sure what the point is of having PTV Original and the Metlink app around if they are the same except for the name.

      If the function identically, it's possible they use the same update method. That would explain why the Classic app is now receiving updates. It could change in the future, but until it does, I don't see why you can't stick with Classic.

    The main problem with the new app is that it fetches new timetables on the fly over the internet and sometimes just refuses to load no matter what. And when you're in a rush trying to catch a bus or train then that's ridiculous. The old app was just perfect and easy to use - I'm glad they brought it back with updated timetables.

    The Android Metlink app is rubbish. Are we going to get a new PTV app? Is it worse than the Metlink one on iPhone?

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