Public Transport Victoria To Return Classic Trip Planner To The App Store

Public Transport Victoria To Return Classic Trip Planner To The App Store

April 19 was a dark day for users of Victoria’s public transport system. The perfectly serviceable Metlink iPhone app, developed so travellers can plan their trips on the state’s trams, trains and buses, was abruptly overridden by the Public Transport Victoria app, which I can only describe as a nightmarish piece of software. To say the backlash was fierce would be an understatement, going by the one-star review average from over 2000 customers.

Fortunately, PTV hasn’t turned a deaf ear to these complaints, stating on Thursday it would republish the original Metlink app. Having used the new app myself, I can say it’s ill-conceived and confusingly-designed. There are no tutorials, nothing to gracefully introduce you to the app’s interface. You just have to experiment until the desired result occurs.

I did manage to get a handle on it after persisting, but even when I did get it work, I’d often be greeted with the message “No results found”, instead of the requested trip info, despite providing valid input for my current and destination locations.

Not the greatest thing to see when you’re standing at the ticket gate with only a few minutes to spare, trying to figure out which platform you should be on.

“PTV acknowledges that we should have launched the new PTV app as a new product in the Store rather than pushing it out as an update,” the organisation said in a press release. “Users should have been given the choice to upgrade to the new interface or remain with the older app including familiar user interface and stored favourites.”

The new-old version will be called “PTV Original” and should be out in the next few weeks. If you don’t want to wait, you can grab Metlink Classic instead, however, upon loading the app, you’ll be informed that it’s no longer being maintained.

Original iPhone app will soon be available for download [Public Transport Victoria]


  • I take it by returning it to the App Store that means they’ll update the timetables? That was the problem with downloading the ‘Classic’ one, the changes they made to the timetable on April 22 weren’t available. The app itself worked fine.

    • That was my concern. Going by the lack of ongoing maintenance message, I’d say they don’t have plans to keep it updated, which doesn’t really help anyone.

      Hopefully PTV Original will have updated timetables, otherwise it’s a bit pointless putting it back up.

  • Well it took them long enough. The app looked like it wasn’t tested for public use at all.
    Money wasted, same old same old Victoria.

  • Actually Bob, the version that is still in the app store is the CLASSIC version which is there for older IOS versions. The version that PTV took away was for IOS 5

  • Probably outsourced the new version to a 3rd world country. It was complete crap. Someone’s head should roll for this, but as is the case with Public Transport in Vic no one takes the blame, so nothing ever changes.

  • The new app was a disaster but as Drake said no one will cop a serve for stuffing up like this and yet more money down the drain.
    At least he original is back, or soon will be.
    Let’s just hope that they keep it maintained.

  • This is not a sign of hope:
    From the PTV website:” We remain confident that once we have resolved the current issues and users have learned to navigate the new app’s full capabilities, it will provide an improved gateway to Victoria’s public transport network.”
    In other words we’re ploughing ahead with this whether you like it or not.

  • This is solely for trains but if you have an Android phone I suggest using Train Trapper. Easy to use, simply UI and isn’t a resource hog.

  • I like the direction they’re trying to take with the PTV app. I gave them feedback about a year ago on the metlink app saying they needed to let users subscribe/unsubscribe to train alerts through the app and give the option to do it through push rather than sms though that function is still not there it seems. Also given they’re phasing out metcards, I’m surprised at the lack of Myki integration with this app.

    IMO, the app is an attempt at a step forward, it’s just been poorly executed and has a loonnnggg way to go. I would just suggest using the feedback option in the app and giving them constructive criticism

  • Hmmm, now May 26th and no sign of the rebranded metlink app yet 🙁 the classic jandoig the job but if I have to ‘dismissed’ that silly warning screen once more on opening it, I’ll murder someone. I’ve been watching the YouTube tutorials on how to use the new app, and then laughing when I follow the exact same steps and continually get ‘no results’ or just a frozen screen. After three weeks of trying, I finally managed to add Glenferrie station to my favourites list, but since having something as a ‘favourite’ is the ONLY way to see a complete timetable, I think it’ll take me a few years to add all my possibly-used stations to my favourite list. Thanks to someone on the interwebs, I managed to re-order my favourites at least – the method doesn’t work every time though and is pretty counter-intuitive, and intact isn’t included in their ‘how-to’ guide.

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