A Bedside Remote Caddy For Laptop And Tablets

A bedside remote caddy that's anchored by your mattress is useful, but who really has five remotes to use up all those pockets? And honestly, would you store a bunch of pens and pencils there to do your taxes in bed? Unplugged urges us to just be honest and store what you actually use in there: laptops and tablets.

They've got a bunch of other IKEA decoration ideas here as well, but the $US5 bedside storage one is our favourite. The one thing to keep in mind, if you do store your tablet there, is that you gotta be extra careful when making your bed. One errant shin kick will smash your screen against the wood.

Ikea [via Unpluggd]


    Might not store pens and stuff in there, but would be handy for lube, condoms and that sort of item.

      hmmm, I think if you used a bedside caddy in which to store your condoms, then you probably wouldn't be needing them anyway. maybe just the lube...

    Correct link: http://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/80166906

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