Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Crashes By Loading In Safe Mode

Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Crashes By Loading In Safe Mode

Most of us who tinker with MS Office experience application crashes from time-to-time; fortunately you can load all of the Office applications in safe mode to troubleshoot any problems you’re having.

Tech blog CybernetNews gives us two ways to start an Office application in safe mode: Hold down the CTRL key while the app starts, or if you like using a command line you can add the /safe switch to the execute command. Here are some of the things safe mode accomplishes when used with Office:

  • No templates can be saved
  • The Office Assistant is not automatically displayed
  • The AutoCorrect list is not loaded and changes are not saved.

For all of the safe mode changes consult this list from Microsoft.

How to Start Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or Outlook in Safe Mode [CybernetNews]


  • For those who haven’t actually purchased Microsoft’s bloatware yet, go for “Open office” or, my new favourite, “Libre Office”!! Maybe not as powerful, but bloody close, and “Free”!! 🙂

    • Really you’re still calling MSFT products bloatware? Office is awesome and loads instantly on my workhorse laptop as do all the other office programs I need. Open office doesn’t play nice in my corporate environment plus share point is used 24/7 in my company so it doesn’t do the job either.

      I swear open-source people are like hippies. Yeah you can live in the wild(open-source) and make/customise anything you want but would you bother doing that for the rest of your life. Also I think people who use Linux fail to see that if Oracle were as large as Apple/MSFT they would be the same anyway. Look at Google and how they’ve changed.

      • Actually I’m not a Linux person, I do use it on my netbook but that’s because Windows isn’t the best fit there. As for “MSFT products” I stopped using “MS Office” awhile ago, so I’m not up to date on how it runs on 7, but having thought about it, maybe calling the latest version “bloatware” might have been a knee jerk reaction! However, I still won’t be using it any time soon because of the cost, as I mentioned earlier “O’O” and “Libre” are free!! not necessarily the pervue of hippies, just people who don’t want to spend a fortune on a product that isn’t good enough to be be the be all and end all of Office Suits…!!

      • Not sure what Oracle has to do with anything?
        Oracle only owned OpenOffice for a short period since the Sun acquisition and then they flogged it off to the Apache foundation. To be honest Oracle is no small fry in the market they have revenues in excess of 35 billion higher than your example of Google.

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