Use End Mode In Excel For Fast Selection

Most Excel users will know about the Fill command, which can be used to rapidly copy data and formulas into a group of cells. But there's also a related option that can make it easy to add selected data: end mode.

Microsoft's Excel blog details the intricacies of the feature, but the short version is this: hit the End key on your keyboard to switch End mode on, then use shift plus an arrow key to select all the cells containing content in a given row or column. After selecting, you can also use Control+Enter to copy the text in the active cell into all selected cells. It's not necessarily a shortcut you'll use every day, but it's good to have in your Excel arsenal.

Speed up data-entry tasks by using End Mode [Excel Blog]


    Isn't this identical to using ctrl-shift with an arrow key?

      I was about to post the exact same thing.

    I already knew how to use Ctrl+Arrow and Ctrl+Shit+Arrow to do these functions.

    "End Mode" just seems like an old vestigial feature.

    Not at all!

    The end mode feature allows you to, for example: Select a number of cells, let's say D2 through G2, activate End mode, then hit shift key + down arrow and excell will only copy those selected coloums from row 2 till the end. Normally the other shortcuts select all the data from first selected sell to the end most cell. End mode basically does not go select your entire sheet but just the selected coloums from first selected till bottom of those coloums.

      That's still exactly what Ctrl-Shift-Arrow does

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