Picasa Offers Virtually Unlimited Storage, Brings Google+ Tagging

Picasa Offers Virtually Unlimited Storage, Brings Google+ Tagging

Thanks to Google+, Picasa users — whether they’re on Google+ or not — can now upload virtually all photos to their accounts without going over the storage limits; the same holds true for videos 15 minutes or under. A new photo-tagging feature lets your Google+ friends tag your public photos.

While Picasa Web Albums offer 1GB of free storage for photos and videos, files under certain size limits won’t count towards this free storage limit. If you’re a Google+ user, photos up to 2048×2048 pixels and videos up to 15 minutes won’t eat up your storage space. For non-Google+ users, the photo size limit is smaller: 800×800 pixels (videos are also under 15 minutes).

If you reach your storage limit and upload images larger than these dimensions to Picasa Web Albums, however, Google will automatically resize them for you so they won’t count towards your free storage limit — so it’s like getting unlimited storage after all.

Google has also integrated Picasa and Google+ to add a new Facebook-like social tagging feature. Anyone in your Google+ network can tag people in your shared Picasa albums. In this settings page, you can approve or remove name tags, as well as control name tag auto-approval.

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  • Why 2048×2048 (aside from lazy programmers)? Most 5mp camera phones shoot at 2592×1936. Would it have been that difficult to support that native size, rather than having to modify almost every uploaded photo? I would see this as a huge non-starter for folks who were considering migrating from other services that don’t impose such limits and have the majority of their images in the native camera phone resolution.

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