Cantio Is A Beautiful Music Site With Millions of Tracks

Grooveshark is one of our favourite streaming music services, but new web service Cantio has stepped up to challenge it with some very similar features, including playlists, favourites and a library of songs millions of tracks deep.

Even Cantio’s interface was inspired by Grooveshark, although the large album art display is a little cleaner. The service starts you off by suggesting music to you, instead of leaving you to search for it, using’s charts and the Billboard Top 10 as references. Searching for new music is easy, as is adding songs you like to your favourites or to a playlist.

Cantio has a way to go before it’s ready for prime time, however. You’ll be able to find a lot of great music, but if you’re looking for niche bands or remixes, you may be out of luck, especially since Cantio pulls music and videos from YouTube. Plus, we found it quirky, sometimes refusing to play songs or videos. Even so, more options are always better. What do you use for streaming music? Leave your favourite service in the comments.

Cantio [via TheNextWeb]


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