Print Multiple Files At Once With Drag And Drop

If you need to print a large number of files at once, having to open each one individually and then print them can be a nuisance. Speed the process up by dragging the files you need onto the printer.

To do this in Windows 7, open up the printer from the Devices and Printers option on the Start menu (or search for your printer by name). Drag the relevant files onto the printer window, and you'll see a dialog box asking if you want to print multiple files. Click 'Yes' and they'll all be opened and printed in their entirety, with the default settings.(You can also copy and paste the files if you want a more keyboard-centric approach.) If there's a large number of files this may take a while, but you won't need to intervene.

This might not be new advice to you, but it's an approach I had never considered before a colleague asked me if there was a speedy way to print multiple PDF files from a single directory. Googling suggests it also works on Macs.


    With Adobe reader on XP you can select the pdfs in explorer, right click, print and the pdfs print on the default printer. This is one of the FEW reasons I still have adobes software on my machine.

    Just tested and this also works if you mix file types (eg docx/pdf) as does the tip mentioned in the article.

    or you can highlight the PDFs that you want to print and right click and press print

    You should be able to just select all the files - right click and select print from the pop menu as well.

      That was my initial thought, but isn't actually an option with many file types.

    Selecting them all in explorer and right clicking -> Print also works. Thought for some reason it opens and prints them in no particular order.

    You can also drag a shortcut to the printer onto the desktop and drop your files onto that. You can't place it on the taskbar unfortunately.

    You can also drag and drop the printer shortcut to the quick start bar. And drag and drop your files onto that.

    Hi, here my info. In my configuration (clean Win7 machine) under Adobe (v10.1.1) prints not all marked PDFs. From 15 docs prints diferent 9-14!

    But under Foxit runs ready.

    I was looking for something similar, just tried, I confirm that it works like a charm, without external software! :-)

    The solution I found to print multiple PDFs at once from Windows 7 is to merge the PDFs either using Adobe (not Adobe Reader) or an online service like

    All well and good, but I get files by printer size designation, NOT PDF source file size specs, ie. constuction blueprints sent to network printer vary from full 2'x3' to smaller (need to use source PDF specs). This doesn't do it for me

    I found that I could do this in Windows 7 using a normal multiple file selection in Windows Explorer, then right clicking and selecting "Print" - but only if I didn't try to do too many at once! Trying to print 35 at once didn't work, but selecting just 10 did!!!

      I have windows 7 at work where you cannot select more than 15 files using right click and print. I only tried this with pdf files and did not mix file types. My test pdf's are quite small in size - each around 550 KB. When I select more than 15 pdf files and right click then the print option disappears from the pop up menu. If I have to print more than 15 files at once then I drag them on the printer and it works. I have tried this "drag-n-print" option for more than 35 files successfully.

    Use PrintConductor. It is an awesome batch printing software that i use for Batch PDF printing and bulk documents printing. It also has the Drag and Drop facility that makes the whole job super easy as i have to print 2000-3000 pages daily.
    Download PrintConductor -

    Interesting analysis.

    My question is how to do this without Adobe opening for each file I want to print. So I select the file, right click and Print and a blank window opens as if it is opening the file which, if I wanted that to interfere, I would have done in the first place. Any thoughts???

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