Google Search With Images And Your Mouth On The Desktop

Google’s two new search methods on the desktop originated on mobile, where typing was clunky and time-consuming. So now you can search with your voice and search by an image, the latter of which is like TinEye with Google’s background.

The voice search is exactly the same as it is on mobile. Click the microphone icon, say what you wanna search, and the result comes up.

What’s even better is using a photo for searching. The example Google gave was an old vacation photo. You shove in a photo with no context, no label and no extra info, and Google takes the photo, breaks it into parts, and matches it up with other photos with similar components. It’s actually much cooler to see it in action than it is to hear me describe it. At a quick glance, it’s quite similar to the TinEye service, which also takes in an image and shows you similar images existing elsewhere on the internet.

There are also Firefox and Chrome extensions for image search as well.


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