Access Cached And Mobile-Formatted Pages From Google's New Mobile Search

Google keeps upgrading its mobile search site, but it's left a few power user features behind. If you want access to Google's cached version of a site for quicker loading, or you want Google to format a page in mobile form, you can still get to them with a quick work-around.

The Google Operating System blog notes that the links to mobile, cached and similar pages are no longer in most mobile browser views. But if you click the magnifying glass icon (for "Instant Preview") next to a result, you'll be taken to full-page previews of that page — with a "Cached" link in the lower-left corner.

If you wanted to get back to a version of Google search that had links to cached, mobile-formatted and similar pages in a drop-down link (that is, honestly, sometimes hard to hit with your thumb), you can head to, or bookmark,, or insert the /m/ bit into the address of any Google mobile search address.

Cached Pages in Google Mobile Search [Google Operating System]


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