Cold Chisel Is Going Digital, But We're Not Quite Sure Where

When we looked into which major Australian acts still didn't have a presence on the iTunes Music Store earlier this year, Cold Chisel was one of the most prominent hold-outs. The band has now announced a series of re-releases that will include "digital availability", but we don't know via which online store.

Cold Chisel announced via its site this week that it will be reissuing its entire back catalogue on CD, complete with bonus tracks and rare live recordings, on July 22. It also included this brief, enigmatic statement:

Cold Chisel’s albums will also be available digitally for the first time.

While it might seem like iTunes is the only logical choice, we wouldn't be altogether surprised to learn that the band has done a deal with BigPond Music or another dealer for its digital distribution. (Realistically, the main aim of the project will be to sell the new CD editions to the existing fanbase, but getting additional royalties from digital sales would clearly be a welcome bonus.)


    Heh, aren't CDs already digital? Or have I been fraudulently sold analogue CDs all these years? :P

    They will be available on itunes

    iTunes are taking pre-orders.

    I'm wondering who'll go digital next. Maybe Icehouse but not AC/DC.

    I should start by saying, I work for BigPond Music..

    Chisel will be available everywhere digitally..

    Icehouse is already digital:

    AC/DC won't go digital anytime soon because they're completely against selling individual tracks, despite stores (Definitely BigPond Music) offering bundle only albums. This annoys me to no end..

    Savage Garden? Anyone? No.. Ok..

    Icehouse is on iTunes as well, under the name "Flowers".

    iTunes :(

    I'd buy every Chisel album if it was FLAC

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