Lack Of Aussie Icons On Digital Music Stores Is Very Slowly Improving

Lack Of Aussie Icons On Digital Music Stores Is Very Slowly Improving

Earlier this year, our Australia Day in-depth investigation into which Australian hit albums are actually available on iTunes revealed some very surprising gaps. The impending arrival of Cold Chisel’s back catalogue is one of a few recent changes that have slightly improved that situation, but there’s quite a way to go.

As we reported earlier this week, you’ll be able to purchase a complete collection of Chisel’s previously released recordings through iTunes and other online music stores on July 22. The entire collection of original albums will set you back $149.99. Those albums are also available as individual CDS, but there are also a bunch of digital-only releases that won’t be made available on CD, including unreleased demo recordings and live bootlegs, so dedicated Chisel fans are going to have to get on board with having their collection split across multiple media.

The arrival of Chisel is a welcome development, but there are still plenty of gaps. Icehouse, one of the other prominent holdouts, does have its 1980 debut album available digitally through BigPond Music, including an extra disc’s worth of live tracks to celebrate its 30th anniversary. While that’s a welcome development, if the anniversary release pattern continues it will be 15 years before the entire Icehouse catalogue is available.

It’s unlikely that we’ll see AC/DC going digital in a hurry, given the band’s longstanding view that it doesn’t want individual tracks cherry-picked. But even with Chisel coming soon and Icehouse dribbling in, there are lots of other gaps to fill: INXS, Australian Crawl and Mondo Rock for starters. I’d love to be surprised and see them all available before Australia Day next year, but I’m not holding my breath.

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  • Hey guys.

    Once again let me start by saying I work for BigPond Music.

    INXS is available digitally via BigPond Music at

    I’m not entirely sure who has the rights to Australian Crawl, but you’d like go think they’ll follow suit with other Aussie license owners soon & embrace the digital age. Same again with Mondo Rock.

    The Hottest 100’s won’t be released digitally as a back catalogue (Trust me, I asked, begged & PLEADED) as they never got the license to sell those compilations in a digital format. We will have, though, all of the upcoming Hottest 100s.

    You never know, maybe one day the ABC will get the time to go back and license the product. I sure hope so.

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