Burn The Mac App Store Version Of OS X Lion To A DVD

We're liking the looks of Mac OS 10.7 Lion, but it's a little annoying that you can only get it through the Mac App Store. It turns out, however, that there's a pretty easy, if unsanctioned, way to burn it to a DVD.

If you want to perform a clean install of Lion, or throw it on a Hackintosh, you're going to need a physical disc—none of this Mac App Store craziness. Luckily, there's an image file hidden inside the Lion installer package that you can burn do a DVD for just such an emergency. Obviously, you'll need to wait until Lion is released, but once it is, just:

  1. Download Lion from the Mac App Store. The installer should show up in your Applications folder.
  2. Right-click on the installer and hit "Show Package Contents". Navigate to Contents > SharedSupport and look for a file called "InstallESD.dmg".
  3. Right-click on the DMG and burn it with Disk Utility, or use a program like Burn. When you're done, you should be able to install it on a computer from a DVD like you normally would.

There's no telling what might change between now and Lion's release, but for now it looks like this is a pretty solid method of getting Lion on your computer the old-school way. Hit the link to read more.

How to Burn an OS X Lion Boot Disc [TIME.com]


    Actually, this method might not work.

    OSX Installer images such as these generally have to be RESTORED, not BURNED as they aren't your basic ISO image.

    Use of a USB stick, even a little one you get a conference, would be a faster and safer way to do this.

    See the following link for an example: http://dancameron.org/general/creating-os-x-leopard-install-usb-drive

      Mate u really dont know wat ur talking about ><

      Nope I have already done this and it works, DP2 and then DP4.
      You only need to restore if you want it on a pendrive, SD card or hard drive.

      P.S. If you have on of the newer super drives; or any dvd reader faster then 5x for dvd's, then using a dvd would be faster then a pendrive.
      Lets say pendrives and sd cards are 32 Mbps, well dvds are 10.2 Mbps for every x1 you have so x2 is 20.4 Mbps.

      Actually this WORKS!
      Because a dmg file is just a disk image file. Just like iso, nrg, cdi, daa, smi, img and bin.
      So of course dmg files can be burned directly to an optical disk or even flashed onto a usb stick (though this step requires a little work to make it bootable).
      dmg even stands for "Apple Disk Image" so again this is very possible, it's even what they are meant to be used for :-)

      It's just Apple who has a f**k'd vocabulary. Trying to confuse all of their costumers with different words with the same meaning :-)
      Actually a DVD is the safer option, as data can not be modified by malware on the computer. That's why you should NEVER EVER use an recovery partition to reinstall ANY Operating System, as these infections then could be carried onto the new installation, which could make the whole re-installation process completely and utterly useless (if reinstalling because of malware)....

    Obviously you need to do this before you install Lion - I didn't think about that. Any word on how to get a Lion install CD when you've installed already?

    So will this method give an upgrade option.

    i.e. preserve exisitng settings and apps.

    or does it give a lovely new fresh lion (lion cub?) ??

    nope, doesn't work.

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