XMenu Adds Custom Menus To Your OS X Menubar

XMenu Adds Custom Menus To Your OS X Menubar

Mac: If your OS X menubar is insatiable and you want to give it a treat, XMenu will provide it with one or many custom menus for easy access to your stuff. Some are pre-defined for folders you already have on your hard drive, and others can be set to whatever you’d like.

By default, XMenu will only provide you with an Applications menu, but if you command- or control-click that Applications menu you’ll be able to select Preferences and decide how you want things to work. You can add menus for Developer Apps, your home folder, Documents, Snippets, and one for whatever you want. In the picture above, you can see I set it to my Dropbox.

One downside is that the custom menu can’t be set to a specific path, but rather has to reside in XMenu’s Application Support folder, but this is really easy to work around. Basically, you just command-click the custom menu, choose “Open Folder in Finder,” and then delete the Custom folder in XMenu’s Application Support folder. Now make an alias of whatever folder you want and move that alias into XMenu’s Application Support folder. Rename it as “Custom” and XMenu will think the alias is the folder it’s looking for.

All in all, XMenu provides a handy way to access a wide variety of stuff from the menubar. Its look is also pretty customisable and the app is free to download.

XMenu [Devon Techonologies via Addictive Tips via @ibn_adem]


  • Pretty cool organization tool. I see in your article you have your Dropbox as the user-defined menu. How’d you do that? If I try to change the location of my Dropbox to the custom folder, instead of the root of my Dropbox I get a folder titled Dropbox in the dropdown and then I can go into that. Looks like you have the root of your Dropbox folder as the root of the custom folder. What’s the trick?

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