Unique Windows Gadgets Has A Lot Of ISP Usage Tracking Tools

Most internet service providers offer some form of tracking service to see how much data you've used in a month, but that's usually browser-based. If you'd prefer to keep track of your usage via a desktop gadget and you're running Windows, then the Unique Windows Gadgets site probably has a tool that will fit the bill.

The site includes gadgets for tracking usage on BigPond, Internode, iiNet, Westnet, Eftel and Supernerd. I tested out the Internode gadget on my home account, and it worked fine. You can set the interval for it to update usage data, but other than that there isn't much to configure. The gadgets are free and work on Vista or Windows 7. Thanks Jayden for the pointer!

Unique Windows Gadgets


    Another really good way of keeping track of your usage if you're a Firefox user is to grab the Net Usage Item Plugin (http://netusage.iau5.com/).

    It supports all the major Australian ISP's and you can have multiple instances of it to track multiple accounts.

    They've got an experimental version for Chrome as well which I haven't tried yet.

    The site also has chrome extensions:

    I'm currently using the Bigpond one and it works great.

    I long for the day there's a decent iPrimus usage meter. Damn them for not giving us our usage information in XML format like any other reasonable ISP would do!

    No mention of Exetel and OS X?


    Been using iiUsage to track my iiNet usage for a few years now. Really happy with it.


    I'm still using the super solid Internode Monthly Usage Monitor (MUM) by Angus Johnson. The gadgets are a neat way to get a heads up view of things though.

      +1! One of the great things about the MUM is that you can right click it, and there's instant access to the unmetered Internet Radio stations through Internode. Right-Click, Click = music. :))

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