Smart Rotator Chooses Which Android Apps Are Allowed To Enter Landscape Mode

Android: If you like using your phone's keyboard in landscape mode, but don't like your home screen going all topsy-turvy when you move your phone, Smart Rotator will let you select which apps are allowed to rotate.Android lets you turn auto-rotate on and off from the Settings > Display menu, but it's an all-or-nothing deal. If you'd rather select when your phone rotates on an app by app basis, free app Smart Rotator can make it happen. When you enable Smart Rotator, it turns off auto-rotation, then lets you enable it for each individual app you want to use in landscape mode. The downside is that it only goes in that direction. You can't, say, turn auto-rotate on and then disable it for a few select apps, so if you only want it off for a few, you'll have to spend a few minutes turning it back on for all your apps. Alternatively, you could pay $0.99 for Smart Auto-Rotate, which goes in the opposite direction.

Smart Rotator is a free download for Android devices.

Smart Rotator


    Even better way is to add a toggle button for screen orientation in the dropdown notification bar. Turn it ON or OFF easily whenever you want an app to go (or not to go in landscape mode.

    Whitelist only is too much trouble. Much easier to do it with Tasker.

    Is there an iPhone app that does something like this?

    I have a number of apps I hate rotating and its annoying having to keep going to the orientation lock just for these handful of apps.

    will this work for video player apps such as the act 1 video player ?

      Nothing works unless IT is broke :)

      If IT is broke Nothing Laughs !i!

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