Save Money On Your Next Move By Getting An In-Home Quote

Save Money On Your Next Move By Getting An In-Home Quote

The cheapest way to move to a new home is renting a truck and enlisting your friends to handle the move yourself. Of course, you may not have the time (or the interest) and so you opt for hiring a moving company instead. This can get expensive, but here are a few ways to cut costs.

Personal finance blog Main Street suggests that if you’re getting a moving quote, make sure you ask for a home inspection first. If a moving company is going to give you a quote based on what they think could be in your home, they’re going to imagine the worst-case scenario. You’re basically asking for a higher quote if you don’t ask for a home inspection. And better yet, get those in-home quotes from multiple companies.

Main Street also notes that you can save money by disassembling your furniture yourself, as most local moves cost by the hour and furniture disassembly/reassembly can be very time-consuming. For more great moving tips, check out the full post.

8 Things Your Movers Don’t Want You to Know [Main Street]

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