Quickly Zoom In And Out Of Any Windows App With Shortcuts

Quickly Zoom In And Out Of Any Windows App With Shortcuts

Windows: With Aero, Microsoft added a nifty magnifier tool to Windows 7 and Vista that enables you to zoom in — regardless of the application — on the fine details on the screen. For faster zooming, here are some keyboard shortcuts.

You may already know about the CTRL plus + keyboard combination that enlarges web pages in most browsers and zooms in for other applications like Photoshop. Hit CTRL and the – (minus) sign simultaneously and you zoom out.

As handy as CTRL + and CTRL – are, however, not all applications support those keyboard magnification controls.

For those instances, you can use Windows’ built-in Magnifier tool instead. Hit the Windows key and + to zoom in on the display (by default, in 100 per cent increments, but you can change this in the tool settings). Hold down the Windows and keys at the same time to zoom back out.

Other quick keyboard shortcuts, once you have the Magnifier tool up, include:

  • CTRL + L to bring up the lens display view
  • CTRL + D to dock the magnification area.
  • CTRL + F brings you back to the full screen mode.

If you ever want to get a closer look at something in Windows Vista or Windows 7, and the CTRL + shortcut doesn’t do anything for you, try using the Windows key instead of the CTRL key. This shortcut should work for any Windows 7/Vista application.

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  • Nice!
    I occasionally use magnify but was only using the run command Win+R then typing in magnify , or just m and autocomplete would figure it out.
    Ctrl and scroll wheel is also fairly commonplace among programs for zooming.

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