Quickly Zoom In And Out Of Any Windows App With Shortcuts

Windows: With Aero, Microsoft added a nifty magnifier tool to Windows 7 and Vista that enables you to zoom in — regardless of the application — on the fine details on the screen. For faster zooming, here are some keyboard shortcuts.

You may already know about the CTRL plus + keyboard combination that enlarges web pages in most browsers and zooms in for other applications like Photoshop. Hit CTRL and the - (minus) sign simultaneously and you zoom out.

As handy as CTRL + and CTRL - are, however, not all applications support those keyboard magnification controls.

For those instances, you can use Windows' built-in Magnifier tool instead. Hit the Windows key and + to zoom in on the display (by default, in 100 per cent increments, but you can change this in the tool settings). Hold down the Windows and - keys at the same time to zoom back out.

Other quick keyboard shortcuts, once you have the Magnifier tool up, include:

  • CTRL + L to bring up the lens display view
  • CTRL + D to dock the magnification area.
  • CTRL + F brings you back to the full screen mode.

If you ever want to get a closer look at something in Windows Vista or Windows 7, and the CTRL + shortcut doesn't do anything for you, try using the Windows key instead of the CTRL key. This shortcut should work for any Windows 7/Vista application.

Shortcut of the Day highlights a great shortcut on various platforms from the desktop to mobile devices to the web.


    I occasionally use magnify but was only using the run command Win+R then typing in magnify , or just m and autocomplete would figure it out.
    Ctrl and scroll wheel is also fairly commonplace among programs for zooming.

    Great review of Zoom In and Out shortcuts!
    Here are a few more to add to the list:

    Open Maginfier - Windows Key + = (equal sign)
    Exit Magnifier - Windows Key + ESC

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