No Luggage: Travel-Ready But Not On The Road Yet

No Luggage: Travel-Ready But Not On The Road Yet

The good thing? My suit has more pockets than I thought. The bad thing? Sitting at your my desk with no PC in front of you feels somewhat odd. Welcome to day 1 of my No Luggage experiment.“You’re wearing a suit!” a colleague at Allure proclaims. As a proud slob, this is very unusual. I suspect my co-workers would be less surprised if I showed up in a hessian sack and bright purple ugg boots. But I always wanted to kick off the No Luggage project with a morning in the office, so I could compare smartphone-only-at-a-desk with smartphone-only-on-the-road.

Truth be told, it feels a little odd. The desks around me echo with the sound of people typing. I'm typing too, and at a fairly decent speed, but not making any noise. I also can't work out whether I'm better off leaning back in my chair or resting my arms on the desk.

On the upside, I can use the office Wi-Fi and have my BlackBerry plugged in. I've got a three-hour train journey this afternoon, so I want as much juice as possible.

Pocket victories

As I mentioned in my round-up of what I'm not packing, I only got hold of the Van Heusen Performa suit I'm using late last week. I did a trial run of "packing" it on Thursday, but it was only when I dressed this morning that I realised that there are actually four internal pockets, not two. I'd put the jacket on to test what fitted in the top two, and so didn't notice that two lower pockets, one of which has a zip. That's where the key will now be going.

Even fully loaded, the suit feels comfortable and somewhat glamorous. While it isn't super-expensive by suit standards ($349 for the jacket, $200 for the pants), it still easily qualifies as the costliest item of clothing I've ever worn. Still, if you're going to wear the same clothes all the time, they should be good quality.

This morning I'm off to press meetings, which will be recorded for later transcription. This afternoon sees me taking the train to Newcastle -- a good test of how much work I can do with a disconnected BlackBerry, given that prior experience suggests that the mobile signal on that route is very patchy.

For the No Luggage experiment, Angus Kidman is doing his normal job while travelling Australia for a week with not much more than a BlackBerry. Rinsing ahoy!


    • Nope – I want to stick to the single outfit parameters. The pocket isn’t big enough for most sudoku mags, and the pocket-sized volumes tend towards the simpler puzzles.

  • Oh Angus, you soo handsome! I like Man who look focus. I like man who use blackberry with strong hand. Do you have a boyfriend Angus? 😛 Anyway, you know love – I always dreaming for nice guy like good writer like you Angy.

    But this is a good idea for travel – last time I go Shangai, custom man say no take bag on plane – no take – and I wish, really, really wish I had secret agent suit like this Angus! I think now, wish I had know Lifehacker article. Why not you write earlier for Chinese too? Next time, can you write article on ways to take airplane snack like 2minute noodle. That very hard to fit in pocket. Believe me, do not try fill water and leave in pocket. Not good for private benjamins you know I mean? Good work Angy, your picture make me like you every bit more forever! 🙂

    – Lee

  • Is it worthwhile also packing one those small folding bags and a pocket sized rain poncho?

    Especially seeing it is the rainy season I can forsee a use for the poncho.

    • I contemplated both, but decided the bag would still mean I had a separate bit of luggage. If there’s a really wet day, I might invade a $2 shop for a poncho, but I’m not outdoors that often really.

    • Not a specific one, but I am trying to do it as economically as possible (public transport for airports, inexpensive hotels, and non-extravagant meals).

  • Out of curiosity, being a Novocastrian, what was so interesting in Newcastle that required your presence? Not too much IT related happens up this way.

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