No Australian Release Date For Chromebooks Yet

Our list of cool Google products which Australia can't get is growing on a daily basis. Google's newly-announced Chromebooks will hit stores in the US and a handful of European countries on June 15, but Australia has to content itself for now with this promise: "More countries will follow in the coming months."

If you don't want a 3G-equipped model, then the only minor nuisance involved in shipping in a Chromebook from overseas would be having to lug an additional power adaptor. That said, we hope that Australia is in that list of countries that get an official Chromebook release at some point in 2011 (the two initial manufacturers, Acer and Samsung, both have a major presence here). I'm not quite sure I'd want to make one my exclusive working environment, but as a travel option it could be appealing.


    In my travels I've noticed a remarkably small range of power input requirements for netbooks and notebooks. You could probably import and pick up a cheap Aussie adapter for far less than the "Australia tax" that we always get slugged with.

    No need to have a power adaptor, just use a standard figure 8 cable from any old equipment you might have lying around, or swap it with a less portable device and leave the adapter out of sight on a fixed device.

    I keep all my old power cables for this purpose, beats using those ugly and sometimes unsafe universal adaptors. Also always check the power rating to make sure our mains will no obliterate your imported goods, do so before even purchasing because step down transformers aren't cheap.

    For those of you who are looking at replacing an existing netbook with a Chromebook, consider installing JoliCloud on to your existing netbook instead....I'm betting that it will be very similar and best of all, Jolicloud is free!

    Hi, Just wondering if/when there has been a release date or announcement regarding the Chromebook in Australia. If not, is it possible to import one from the US and what are it's limitations? Lack of 3G functionality?

    Same question as Nick. Its already for sale on and I am guessing that its not going to be cheaper when released to the Australian market, so why wait for the Chromebook to hit Australia?

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