Make A Couch Using Old Shipping Pallets

Old shipping pallets can be used to create a completely custom-made couch made to fit any space, with a distinct personal touch.

Making a couch with pallets is actually a really easy project to pull off. Basically, once you get your hands on two pallets and a twin mattress (or similarly long pad), you can take this in any direction you want. It would, however, be a good idea to start by either staining or painting the pallets.

If you really want to go all out, you can reinforce the pallets with blocks of wood, cut to fit. You can join the two pallets together with wooden blocks as well — and even mount furniture wheels to your new creation to make it mobile. A cheap, used, twin-sized mattress makes for the perfect seat cushion, and you get to be as creative as you want in covering it. Pick any assortment of throw pillows or blanket-rolls to complete the whole thing and you're finished.

You can make the couch higher or lower just by adding layers of pallets, plus, if you've got an extra pallet lying around afterwards, you can always turn it into a vertical garden.

Style it Chic [via Inhabitat]


    Looks like you'd find in a "Flop House" to me...

    You probably want to check how much chemicals and other toxic stuff are used in those pallets...

    Some nice splinters in your calves...

    Lifehacker does post some good suggestions - but posts like these make me loose faith in humanity's common sense.

    There's so much wrong with this hack. Looks ugly, isn't especially easy to put together, is potentially health hazardous; depending how its been treated, and has a strong potential to injure yourself or others on; with a strong potential for splinters.

    90% of those are half rotten and cover with all sorts of crap, if you that desperate you may be better off buying raw timber and nailing it up yourself, because thats all they are made up of.

    This kind of couch is only good for sprawling on, it's fairly uncomfortable for actual 'sitting' - the only back support is loose cushions or the wall.

    (aside from that, find some second-hand floorboards for stuff like this - they're smooth and tend to have been nicely worn with age)

    I can not believe how many people out there are totaly devoid of any creativity. These would be great for pourch lounging or sleeping. For dog beds (big dog), hang it by chains at four corners from porch supports. The wood (if you are not a cheap skate) can be painted and laquared so no problems with wood splinters or (this you have to work a little hard to achieve) sand it with an electric sander, don't even have to get your hands dirty.

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