Build Stadium-Style Home Theatre Seating With Shipping Pallets

We've shared some interesting construction ideas for shipping pallets in the past, including a couch and a workspace, but this new one is easier to tackle. You can build comfortable stadium-style seating for your home theatre on the cheap.

You'll definitely need a fair amount of space to set this one up, and you'll need about 12 pallets to form the seating and the cushions to make the pallets comfortable. They look like standard shipping pallets, but they've been painted to match the intended decor of the space. Plus, once they're all assembled and attached to one another, you can slide books, magazines and DVDs into the spaces on the side for a little added storage.

The whole space is definitely a little "designer chic", what with the pallets on the wall to mount the TV and everything (not bad), but you get the general idea. If you have the space and don't want to shell out lots of money for lots of cushy seating and a raised floor, this is a great, green way to approximate it for much less money. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks Jim!

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    Wow, ugly and uncomfortable. The only use you'll get from this is if you have kids, who in general don't mind being scrunched up for a couple hours.

    Say "Hi" to the spiders living underneath for me, cause I wont be going near stacked pallets, let alone sit on them!

    And where are your legs supposed to go?
    Are you supposed to curl into the foetal position, or straddle your legs over the person-in-front-of-you's shoulders?

    neat idea if you are going for an industrial design look, more importantly if you can afford to have a house with that kind of space in Sydney you probably have enough money to get one commissioned and built for you with a gold statue of yourself to boot..

    where does ones legs go with these?

    wrap them around the person in front of you???

    Neat idea. Perfect for me. I like to lay down when I watch a movie.

    Where do you buy cushions that size and how do you attach the pallets to eachother?

    I don't think people get the point, it's supposed to be "designer chic" meaning it isn't your average seating arrangement. It's green and earth friendly too. How many of us actually sit up at home and watch a movie?! I know everyone that comes to my house props their feet up or curls them to the side or lays down while watching a movie. I know at the movies I prop my feet up or pull up the middle arm rest to curl sideways on y husband. Great idea, I have already been calling around my city to purchase some pallets to do this! As far as cushions, you can order foam online and make your own covers to match your decor or you can make a couch cover in the size needed and then stuff it. I am putting this in the game room, making black cushions and gray pillows to make an Oakland Raider theme for my husband to match the decor in there. WONDERFUL idea!!

    What is it with people using others images without crediting them? Just thought I would let you know that it looks like one of your pics might have been used without your authorisation, I saw it as recently as this morning on Survival Mag Facebook page. It seems like there's a bit of it going around right now. Could this be infringing your copyright?

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