How Much Is A Middle Drawer In Your Fridge Worth?

I quite like the idea of a "middle drawer" in my fridge where I can adjust the temperature depending on what goes in there. I just don't think I like it enough to spend $5,000 on it.

The Samsung French Door Fridge has 801 litres of storage, which is admittedly a lot more than I'm likely to need as a single person. The middle drawer, which is called a FlexiZone (truly), has four different temperature settings, letting you defrost meat, keep drinks cold, store snacks or chill wine.

I can see how this would be useful, but $5,000 seems like a lot to pay for that level of convenience. On the other hand, for serious kitchen obsessives, I guess it might be worth the investment. Does this idea appeal to you? Would you rather see it in a much cheaper fridge? Let us know in the comments.


    Whats the energy rating of this fridge?


    My laundry sink performs most of those tasks when the fridge or freezer aren't up for the job.

    Too much for a chiller

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