Get Amazon Gift Cards By Lending Your Kindle Books On Lendle

Kindle book-lending site Lendle now pays users for lending their ebooks to others. With $US0.50 credits for every lend ($US1 for patrons), the new "pay to lend" program won't make you rich, but it's a nice incentive anyway.Photo by Mike McCune

Currently there are 7071 books to choose from on Lendle for borrowing for 14 days. You don't need a Kindle device to use the social lending service, since it works on iPad, Android and BlackBerry (but not Nook, due to API issues).

New users are able to borrow two Kindle books before being required to offer up some of their Kindle ebooks for lending. With the new $US0.50 reward for each lend (patrons, who make a one time $US25 donation to the site, get double that reward), you might be more willing to expend your limited one-time lend-only licence on someone you don't know.

Only on Lendle: It pays to lend! [Lendle Blog]


    US accounts only. :(

    great in theory but it is rather annoying that it only works for us accounts.

    Approved by Amazon? I would have thought they might jump all over this after all why buy a book when you can borrow it?

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