Dialer One Brings Smart Search, Speed Dial To Android Dialler Screen

Android: If the default Android dialer feels a bit too bare for you, dialler replacement Dialer One should make you happy, easing phone calls with speed dial features, a smart T9 search feature and call log filtering.

The stock dialler isn't bad, per se, but if you're used to HTC Sense's dialler (or, for that matter, a dialler from a different OS) you may be missing some of your favourite features. Dialer One brings some nice time-saving tricks to your phone's dialler, so you don't have to keep rooting around your Contacts or Call Log page. For example, when you start typing on the dialler, it will automatically narrow down choices from your contacts and recently called numbers. You can either start typing a number or their name (using the letters that correspond to each number), and then just tap the desired contact when it pops up. It's also got a speed dial feature, for assigning contacts to one number on the dialler, and more advanced call log filters, so you can narrow down recent calls by incoming, outgoing or missed. You can also change its appearance to fit your tastes.

Dialer One is a free download for Android devices running 2.0 and higher.

Dialer One [Android Market]


    I use Dialer One every day, but I am no longer running the current version ever since it requires Internet permissions. Comments about privacy are being ignored by the developer, even direct emails are not responded to.

    While I really like Dialer One, I think it's completely inappropriate for a dialer to have access to the Internet.

    While I am not accusing the developer of nefarious intent, there is no way for me to confirm what information is being shared, since the software isn't Open Source, it has no independent audit, there is no way for me to block specific access, etc.

    Unless users of applications actually provide feedback to developers, applications will continue to ask for more and more permissions.

    In my opinion, the click-happy approval of permissions has to stop.

    While I am under no illusion that my privacy is leaking everywhere, this problem is only getting larger - perhaps one day I'll loose my concern about all of my information being available to anyone, but that day hasn't arrived yet.

      Use "LBE Privacy Guard" or "DroidWall" from the market to block the internet access for Dialer One.

        Both of these tools require a rooted phone.

    Clearly my favourite dialer, and has been for a long time.

    Dialer2 is better IMO. https://market.android.com/details?id=org.dnaq.dialer2

    Dialer2 and AngelPhone are also good alternatives

      Do you mean Angel Dialer?

    used to love this..
    but after switching to Go Contacts, I find the dailer that comes with that just as good.

    My HTC Desire HD Froyo dialler does all of that.

    I note that Angel Dialer and GO Contacts both require Internet permissions.

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