The Dialler Android Home Screen

Lifehacker reader Ryan Thistle made his home screen a little easier to use with big, tiled icons in a layout similar to the dialer on a phone. Here's how he put it together.

Each button is actually a folder containing all apps in that category (like games, settings, social networks and so on). He has no other home screens or docks, and he uses widgets on his lock screen to get the weather and the calendar, instead of putting them on the home screen.


    This does look very sexy.

    I will try and find a iPhone (jailbreak) solution.

    Hmmm, wonder where I've seen something like that before *glances at Lumia*

    also, inb4 MotorMouth :P

    That looks really bad to me! Can't believe at least 2 other people like it.

      To be honest it has come about with Windows 8.

      I was against the whole 'Tile / Metro' thing in the beginning, but my workplace has implemented Windows 8 (MS Partner) and it is growing on me more and more. The clean cut 'tiles' with the ability to use them as folders (in the article) is something that appeals to me.

      What happens when you open the tiled folders is probably a different thing.

    I've never understood how to install icon packs in Cyanogen..

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