Windows 8 Can Be Run From A USB Stick

Windows 8 Can Be Run From A USB Stick

A leaked copy of Windows 8 has had people scrambling to find new features and tidbits to gossip about – and it looks like there’s a surprise hidden there for us, as we’ll actually be able to run it from a USB stick.

In fact, you’ll be able to create copies using the portable workspace feature, though you’ll need a USB stick of at least 16GB to do so. [MyDigitalLife via WinRumors]

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  • Starting to Smell like Linux…

    News Flash;
    Windows 8 will support EXT3/4 & HFS Plus.
    Windows 8 will be cloud based.
    A version of Windows 8 will be FREE.

    ^ which one is more likely?

    • @B8two – without a doubt none of the above – Microsoft is in the profit business and has shareholders to report too. I’d be surprised if this was possible based on their past restriction policies.

      They may make it possible in the alpha/beta stage to test hardware but I cannot see them adopt it for the mainstream release.

  • … what if their taking the portable application idea to its logical conclusion? PCs shipped with a blank HDD and a 32GB USB stick containing the OS and “My Documents” folder.

    Maybe not a feature everyone would use (HDD installation would still be most people’s choice) but there are many scenarios where this would be a good idea.

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