Install Android On A Windows 8 Tablet

Install Android on a Windows 8 Tablet

Tablets running Windows 8 can be powerful and useful devices, but Windows 8 doesn't appeal to everyone. If you prefer the Android experience for tablet use but want the desktop experience as well, you can install Android on your x86 tablet as well and get the best of both worlds.

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The folks at MakeUseOf have a fairly complete walkthrough on how to place Android on a USB stick, tweak your Windows 8 tablet's UEFI settings to disable Secure Boot, and install Android from the USB stick on your tablet. The process doesn't take too long, and once you're finished you'll be able to switch operating systems whenever you need to.

There are a few caveats. This only works with Intel-based x86 tablets, which means the only Android apps you'll be able to run on the Android side are ones that support x86. There are plenty of those, but you won't be able to simply download and run any Android app you want — you'll have to check first. If you have an x86 Windows 8 tablet, you could also install previously mentioned BlueStacks and emulate Android without even leaving Windows, but that's definitely a performance hit with that approach.

Hit the link below to see the full walkthrough.

How to Install Android on Your Windows 8 Tablet [MakeUseOf]


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