What Do You Take On An Aeroplane To Stave Off Boredom?

What Do You Take On An Aeroplane To Stave Off Boredom?

You’re in a small seat, you can’t move much, and there really isn’t anything to do. Aeroplanes were just not designed to be fun. That doesn’t mean you can’t bring something along to make the ride better. What’s the most important thing you take on a plane to stave off bordem?I’m writing this on a plane at the moment and I’m not bored, despite the photo, but I see a lot of bored people. Some are using technology, others are not. Some have managed to fall asleep, and others are kept awake by other passengers. So what’s the best thing to keep you occupied? Despite my general dislike of the iPad, it’s my favourite thing to take on the plane (and basically the only time I really love it). For others it seems to be sleeping medication or a good book. What’s yours?


  • -most times I print out a collection of articles I have been meaning to read and I dispose of them as I finish reading them to lighten my load. Of course on single sided used paper to recycle it.

    -MP3 player

    -many magazines (in pdf format)

  • I recently rediscovered audiobooks as great for long journeys; something I had ignored for many years because, amongst other things, they’re just too time consuming…
    You don’t have to strain already tense and uncomfortable shoulders/neck by holding a book for hours; you can close your eyes and shut out the rest of the cabin (especially with effective headphones); one book takes 10+ hours; and, for me anyway, they don’t prevent me from drifting off to sleep if I’m lucky enough to be able.

  • A combination of math problems, books, and watching every movie available on the flight helps me. Sleeping is out of the question. If someone ever tries to torture me with sleep deprevation it’ll do no good. I’ve been trained by the airline industry.

  • I take antihistamines from the pharmacy to knock me out. I just say to the chemist ‘I want some antihistamine tablets to help me sleep on the plane’. They oblige. The only issue with them is that when I wake up after I am really cranky until they are out of my system.

  • I take my iPod, my PSP, my netbook and a book. :p That’s the entirety of my carry on luggage for a long trip. :p

    Did sudoku on a whole 4 hour trip once and never touched sudoku again after.

  • Three words…. iPad, iPad, iPad.

    Any plane trip over 2 hours is made ridiculously pleasant by taking my iPad loaded up with my movies, TV shows, audiobooks, podcasts, music, games, and eBooks…

    Battery life is a genuine 8-10 hours, esp if flight at night and you dim screen down to min brightness, easily I get 10 solid hours..

    Accompanied with my Bose QuiteComfort 15 noise cancelling headphones and we’ve got ourselves a recipe to arrive fresh, and alert (that airplane DRONE is a BRUTAL and fatiguing assault of noise, esp after 8-10+ hours….) and entertained with a huge variety of choices.

    iPad On A Plane is practically the ultimate personal entertainment device… and if your aircraft/carrier has WiFi… then all the more reason to love iPad and what it can do for you in-flight.

    Not cheap… but well worth the cost if you fly 2+ hours more than a few times a year… And for us Aussies, that’s the only way out, and back, to our sunny land.

  • Maps, Whizz Wheel (CR3), Ruler, Protrator, VTC Maps, VNC Maps, Calculator, lap board, pencil, keeps me very busy in the plane, then again I am usually flying the plane. 🙂

  • MOVIE MARATHON! I fly the huge Sydney to LA every few months and I’ve found watching the movies and constantly drinking water is the ticket. Helps if you have an aisle seat :-p

  • Earplugs, a netbook and a good book or two.

    Dramamine is also great to take (but unavailable in Australia) as it is anti nausea medication and it makes you sleepy.

    • Dramamine is AMAZING! I bring back tubes of the stuff from the US for the missus as she isn’t the best flyer and its the only thing that works for her… ohh and it saves my sanity 🙂

  • NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES. That’s the secret. Everything else depends on this essential item. Couple it with an iPad, iPhone or even the inflight movie, and you can stave off boredom. Even a book is better with no audio, but with noise cancelled.

    Don’t skimp, however. Get the good oil.

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