Wear Looser Clothing To Avoid Losing Energy During The Day

Fashions of late have dictated skinny, tight clothing for both men and women, but Dr Sherrie Bourg Carter, writing for Psychology Today, suggests that your tight clothing can cause reduced energy throughout the day. Here's why.

Tight, uncomfortable clothing can wear you out faster than you can say Valentino. Why? Because tight clothing restricts normal breathing, which reduces the amount of oxygen that travels to our brains and muscles. Because oxygen invigorates our cells, the less oxygen they get, the more tired we feel. Solution: Wear stylish, yet comfortable clothing, and remind yourself to breathe deeply throughout your day, especially when you're feeling stressed. Deep breathing is a free, fast, and fabulous energy booster and stress-reliever.

If you're feeling low on energy, wear more comfortable clothes and breathe deeply. Sounds easy enough. For additional suggestions for some unconventional personal energy savings, be sure to check out the full post.

Energy Zappers: 10 Everyday Things That Drain Our Energy and Steal Our Time [Psychology Today]

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    So, because you end up with less energy, conceivably wearing tighter clothes can actually MAKE you fatter!

    but how will i accentuate my figure for the opposite sex?

      Simple. Wear less tight-fitting clothes, but more to the point, less clothes.

    Dr Sherrie is absolutely right. I was just about to fix myself a cup of ceylon as a pick-me-up when I realised all I needed do to was loosen my corset and kick off my heels. Now not only do I feel like I have more energy, but also that I'm no longer a fine gentlelady living in the 1850's!

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