Telstra To Sell Motorola Xoom In Australia

Telstra To Sell Motorola Xoom In Australia

It’s something we expected, but Telstra has now officially confirmed that it will be selling the Motorola Xoom tablet from May. As ever, official word on pricing will be announced “closer to launch”. While that’s slightly annoying, it’s good to have a second Honeycomb device set for local release.


  • I have been using mine for a weeks & love it. The battery life has been totally under specified. I had the tablet running at my art show playing music for 9 hours & slideshow for 6 of those hours at the same time. The Xoom still had 48% battery! I was waiting for something with the response of an iPad without being an iPad. Lets face it, flash is important, converting music in iTunes is a hassle & waste of time. There is more than enough apps nowadays so quit your crying. If it’s not in Android market, its not good enough or it soon will be, they all want money!
    I have a HTC desire that easily makes a Wifi hotspot so I got internet where ever I go & its really fast. I’m with Telstra. They now send you an SMS before you overrun your monthly download so its safe now.
    Have a play with one & I’m sure you will be happy

    Mendo Vasilevski

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