Safely Unscrew A Broken Lightbulb With A Bar Of Soap

Your everyday bar of soap can be used for a lot more than you'd think. Aside from keeping you clean, home and garden blog Gomestic suggests it's a great way to safely remove a broken lightbulb.

Anytime you have a broken light bulb that is still screwed in to the socket, just turn off the power and insert the corner of a dry bar of soap into the socket. With a few turns, the bulb will unscrew.

Next time you find yourself attempting to remove a broken lightbulb from its socket, grab a bar of soap and avoid some potentially nasty injuries.

Top Ten Unusual Uses for Soap [Gomestic]


    Probably worth discarding the bar of soap afterward - shards of glass and bathing are not a good combination!

    Use a half a potato - cheaper and you won't be tempted to use it afterwards and rip your hands (best case) or unmentionables (worst case) to shreds in the shower!!

    I have a stuck downlight, any help ?

      Vincent, you can actually get a downlight removal tool from the hardware store. i had the same issue but the tool got it out.

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