Make A Surprisingly Stylish Lamp Out Of Three Sticks And A Lightbulb

The best DIY projects are useful, simple, and inexpensive. On rare occasions they're also beautiful. Such is the case with the Tres Lamp, a small source of lighting created out of three sticks and a lightbulb by Instructables user Tim Wikander.

The project couldn't be more simple. All you need is natural fibre cording, a plug, a lightbulb, a socket to match that bulb, three dowel rods, and some simple tools like a handsaw and wire cutters. With that, you can make the beautiful lamp pictured above. For the entire how-to, hit up the full post over at Instructables.

Tres Lamp [Instructables]


    I think the real skill there is tying the 3 sticks together so they sit evenly and don't slide apart

    And the other skill is self medicating until you reach a state where this is considered "Surprisingly Stylish".

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