rome2rio Is A Maps-Enabled Travel Service That Covers More Than Planes

rome2rio Is A Maps-Enabled Travel Service That Covers More Than Planes

There’s no shortage of web sites that offer to find you cheap airfares, but if you’re trying to find travel options that don’t involve getting on a plane, the options are a bit more limited. rome2rio allows you to search for multiple travel options between any two cities, covering flying, trains, coaches, ferries and other options, and shows them with associated prices and routes on a Google map.

The site was developed in Australia, which means it does a good job of handling connections from smaller cities, and seeks out fares via Kayak. If you’re planning a trip to an unfamiliar area, it’s a great way to identify potential connections and travel options you might not have thought of otherwise. I flung several local and international searches at it, and it came up with good options every time, including several that wouldn’t have occurred to me in areas I travel to regularly. You can see the site in action in the video below:



  • I’d love to see a few filtering and “avoid/include” options added. EG: I’m unable to go via the US due to a mixup with my name and somebody naughty, they refuse to fix it, so I can’t go there. I do however want to go to Canada – there are options, and it shows them, but among a web of via US.

  • This is by far the best travel website I’ve found. I work in travel and this is far better than anything travel agents use. And it actually picks up the best fares and for Australia at least, all the airlines, not just the full service ones. Very impressed.

    Try this: type in a from location and tab through the to location to get a full list of flight options from that city. Click one to see the schedules and fares.

  • I love the train routes, is there a way to specify a night train? Munich to Paris for example. Also I would love to import the routes to a custom google map for my trip planning, is that possible for a regular Joe?

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