Perian Makes QuickTime On Macs Play Even More Media Files

Mac only: Perian, a killer plug-in for QuickTime that transforms the media player into something nearly as universally usable as VLC, has a new version out that supports even more file types: WebM/VP8, compressed MKV files and more lossless video formats.Those are the key features in version 1.2.2, but note also that this is the last version that will support older Macs with PowerPC cores — you're good with OS X 10.4.7 for now, but 10.6 will be the standard going forward.

Perian is a free download for Mac systems only.

Perian [via iSouce]


    Been using Perian since i got my macbook a couple years back, however, VLC also works perfectly fine!! I do find that when connecting my macbook to my 42" plasma through HDMI, Quicktime plays movies full screen MUCH smoother than VLC, so there's a bonus.

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