23andMe Will Test Your DNA For Free Today Only

23andMe Will Test Your DNA For Free Today Only

Controversial personal genetics retailer 23andMe is holding its annual DNA Day sale a little bit early this year. Until 12.00 PDT (5pm AEST) tonight, buy a one-year subscription to the company’s $US9/month Personal Genome Service — $US108 payable up front — and they’ll analyse your DNA for free. All told, that’s a $US199 discount off of the regular price.

What does the subscription get you? In theory, new, relevant information about your DNA as it’s discovered. Perhaps most crucially, you’ll also receive access to your raw data in the form of a downloadable text file, which makes taking your information to third-party tools and services a snap. With that said, there’s some really good arguments for not using this kind of service without a lot of contemplation. [23andMe]


  • The $108 isn’t required up front – thought the $69.95 postage is – my receipt states that the monthly subscription starts after I receive my results, and that it’s simply $9 a month for the 12 months.

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