Where Is Australia's Cheapest Nintendo 3DS?

Nintendo's 3D-without-glasses-enabled console, the 3DS, goes on sale tomorrow, with a list price of $349.95. What kind of discount can you get on the official price?

3D gaming won't appeal to everyone, but one useful feature of the 3DS is that you can turn the 3D option off. That means it's a potential portable gaming option even if, like me, you get sick at the sight of any sort of 3D.

Obviously, not everyone who wants a 3DS is going bargain hunting; our resident gaming guru Mark over at Kotaku reports that pre-sales for the device are the highest in Nintendo's history. But if you do want more for your money and haven't ordered yet, there are a few options, split between discounts on the device itself and getting extras bundled with the console:

  • Kmart wins the outright price war, with the 3DS on offer for $288.
  • As several commenters have pointed out, JB Hi-Fi has the 3DS for $298 with an accessory pack, which is pretty close to the Kmart deal.
  • Dick Smith has the 3DS for $328, with free delivery for online orders. (The Dick Smith catalogue suggests "checking online" for pricing, so it might end up matching prices in store on the day; it certainly can't hurt to ask!)
  • MWave has the 3DS for $338.
  • The Good Guys has the console for $347, including one 3D game (from a choice of Ridge Racer 3D, Star Wars III, Nintendogs, Splinter Cell 3D or Street Fighter 3D).
  • Target has a bundle of the 3DS, a case and one game (from a choice of Rayman 3D, Rabbids 3D or Ghost Recon Shadow Wars 3DS) for $339.
  • Big W has the 3DS with a "starter kit" including case, earbuds and spare stylus, plus your choice of either Rayman 3D or Ghost Recon Shadow Wars 3D, for $348. An alternative offer is the device for $348 with free delivery if you order online. Big W is also offering an extra 1,000 Everyday Rewards points to 3DS buyers, though this is an opt-in offer that only works if you get sent a specific email about it linked to your existing Everyday Rewards account.
  • EB is charging the full $349 price on pre-orders, but does have one offer that might appeal if you're planning an iPad 2 upgrade: you can trade in an original 32GB iPad and get a free 3DS.

Obviously, with the cheaper prices, you'll want to hit the relevant stores as early as possible.

Found other 3DS bargains? Share them in the comments.


    I was lucky enough to pre-order from Big W online for $298 with 10% cash back from Paypal. Making it just under $270, pretty happy with that :)

    Shame they put the price up though :(

    At JB Hi-Fi they are selling consoles for $299.
    Games cost $59.

    I originally pre-ordered from EB with Super Monkey ball for $38 plus SSFIV for $79.
    Which was going to cost $470~ then they price matched JB Hi-Fi so it will only cost $420 (tehehehe) for the console and Super Monkey Ball and SSFIV, pretty decent price.

    I just walked into JB Hi-Fi literally 10 minutes ago and pre-ordered one. They were $298 with some "free" accessory pack.

      JB Hifi has the lowest price, and they give you a big bundle to start off!! Love them

    That image is pretty big, 4000x4000px 1,075.27KB. It's a BW hit, and in google reader it comes through full size.

    Catch of the day had 1000 ish units at $199 today! Couldn't afford but maybe next time for this poor bunny who is typing this on his new iPad, hehe2

    Catchoftheday.com.au had it for $199 sold out in less than 10 minutes.


    I pre-ordered my cosmos black 3ds from eb games, and then price matched it with kmarts $288, and $59 dollars for super street fighter 4 3d , got everything for $346 YAAAAAAAAAAY!! :D

    Anyone that pre-ordered from Big W is most likely going to have to wait a few days after release, either Friday or Monday. I'm furious about it, we should seriously go storm the head office over this.

    I went to Good Guys a few weeks ago to take advantage of their offer, only to be told that they didn't know what games would be out on launch day so I couldn't preorder until they knew.

    So I tried Dick Smith's in store, they told me that their deal was "online-only".

    In the end I went to Big W. It's worth noting that Big W treats preorders as though they were lay-bys, so you have to pay a $2 lay-by fee. Still a very good deal anyhow - a console, game and accessories pack for $350. Just wish it was Ridge Racer, not Rayman or Ghost Recon.

    Costco price is 284.99 and there are plenty of consoles.

    i picked one up from EB yesterday for $349 that I had on preorder. Went back today and told them that K-mart had it for $288 around the corner so they gave me back the difference.

    Was all ready for a good argument too but the guy just said "no problem"

    I got mine through the DSE pre-order for $298 with a free game (Rayman 3D).

    That COTD bait and switch was just very cheap advertising. Thousands of people flocked to the site.

    I was lucky enough to preorder one just the other day from EB with a deal they were still running (Apparently only because head office hadn't told them not to yet) so I traded in my DSi which put the price to $174, when I put in a few of my old DS games I only ended up having to pay $104, but I have to wait until Monday to pick it up... Which isn't bad considering I wasn't going to get one until May

      i found a site that sells it new for HELL cheap :) here it is

    Target is selling the for $250 for just the console?

    hi there preordered mine got at best buy on march 27 first e-shop on june 7 wich makes me a nintendo embasadore while i had too pay only $250 nintendos giveing me 20 free e-shop games 20 free games $120 free games soo while you may only pay $170 no games embasodre program ended august 12 2011 soo i got the best dell can not wait for nintendo too give me free games

    Hey, what's better than free?

    The cheapest would be in target!!! Only $229 including a game!!!

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