Use Ethernet Connections For Video Chat And Streaming

Use Ethernet Connections For Video Chat And Streaming

Whenever I cajole my way onto This Week in Google, the support staff insists on a hard-wired connection to the router for video chat. It’s a pain, but the reason is plain: Wi-Fi is, according to a study of 14,000 connections, 30 per cent slower than cables in most homes and offices.

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It’s something you might have known from experience, but it’s interesting to see the convenience-to-quality ratio put into numbers. PC World quotes researchers from Epitiro after their tests of 14,000 Wi-Fi connections in the UK, US and other countries, and finds that most people are losing around 30 per cent of their speed capacity. It’s not that notable, usually, because browsing, email and other standard Wi-Fi uses aren’t impacted. But for video chat and video streaming, the ball and chain of a cable is a sacrifice probably worth making.

Wi-Fi Is 30 Percent Slower Than Fixed Broadband [PCWorld]


  • To be honest this finding does not surprise me in the slightest.

    WiFi access points are a wiresless hub, hubs and switchs are not the same even though they perform similar functions. This means that each connection has to wait its turn to send/receive data. Basic networking theory tells us this without having to commission a study to find this stuff out.

  • The loss in bandwidth I can live with, Its the increase in latency that is the biggest reason I keep as much network equipment as I can on wired networks.

    For the devices that have to be wireless (cell/mobile phones) I use ‘inSSIDer’ to ensure that my wireless equipment is running on the clearest channel possible

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