Use A Torch To Find Small Objects On The Ground

We've all been in that situation where we drop something very small — like a screw or other important piece of something — on the ground and it rolls away. Tips-and-tricks website ClueDB has a trick for finding them quickly.

It's obviously a little more clever than "use a torch to find things in the dark". ClueDB user @panicboy lets us know that if you angle the torch correctly, you'll make it a lot easier to find whatever it is you dropped:

Use a flashlight held parallel to the floor to search for dropped objects - the long shadows will make them easier to find. If necessary, turn off the lights first.

It's a pretty clever way of finding that stuff without scouring every inch of your kitchen floor.

Finding Small Objects Dropped on the Floor [ClueDB]


    Or if you've lost a nail you could grab a strong-ish magnet and wave it near where you think it might have rolled to - it should just stick to your magnet or at least be pulled out of hiding.

    I used this technique with the light from my bike (white LEDs) to find a diamond that fell from my wife's wedding ring...twice!

    Obviously we didn't spend enough on the ring, but she was pretty impressed with my technique ;)

    I've always found that the easiest way to find small things dropped on the floor is to get right down at ground level - get your eye as close to the floor as possible - and you can really quickly see anything. Don't need the torch...

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