Attach A Torch To Your Fuse Box

Attach A Torch To Your Fuse Box

Locating a blown fuse can be difficult in the dark. Make the task easier by keeping a spare torch attached with a magnet.

Martha Stewart’s weblog suggests gluing a magnet to a spare torch to make sure it doesn’t get misplaced. You can often find torches with built-in magnets at hardware or camping stores, but this is a cheap workaround.

Fuse Box Light [Martha Stewart]


    • On a more serious note – wouldn’t the torch be better placed near people rather than the problem? If it’s dark enough to need a torch at your fusebox, it’s probably dark enough to need a torch to find your way there.

      • Also the breaker boxes aren’t locked and the meters are usually inside. Nothing stopping the person reading your meter from being a thief, prankster or just plain mean and nasty.

  • I always keep a torch up against the wall (just next to the hinges) behind the bedroom door as well as behind the front and rear doors. Also a in the car, a small one in the glovebox and magnetic one in the boot. Out of the way, out of sight, and VERY handy in a blackout. Just check the batteries every 12 months.

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