Telstra Preparing Revamp For Postpaid Mobile Plans

Telstra Preparing Revamp For Postpaid Mobile Plans

Nick over at Gizmodo has the inside scoop on an impending revamp to Telstra’s postpaid mobile plans. If you’ve been thinking of signing up for a Telstra contract phone, it’s worth waiting until March 29 to get a better deal.

The major change in the revamped lineup is the inclusion of unlimited free national texts on all caps costing $59 a month or more (that is, everything except the entry level plan). Telstra recently shifted to per-minute billing, and that option remains in place in the new plans. Hit Nick’s post for the full pricing details.

Telstra Launching New Post Paid ‘Freedom Connect’ Plans On March 29 [Gizmodo]


  • Couple of things to keep in mind.
    These plans have been available to business customers for a while now. Get hold of an ABN in your name (or family trust) and there’s no waiting to be done.

    The new plans slightly differ from the Business versions, having a slightly higher call rate.

    Long story short – Get yourself on Telstra Business.

    • Actually, these aren’t the same plans as the Telstra Business Mobile Cap plans, although they are very similar. Anyone considering either of these needs to pay attention to the details:
      On the new Freedom Connect plans you get more:
      – call ‘value’ on the the $49 plan
      – call ‘value’ and data on the the $59 plan
      – call ‘value’ on the the $79 plan
      – call ‘value’ and data on the the $99 plan

      As for the call rates, whilst the Freedom Connect are 90c per 60sec as opposed to the Business Mobile Cap at 40c per 30sec, the flagfall is marginally lower by 2c.

      However, Darren is likely correct that the Business Bile Cap plans offer better overall actual value.

      Whilst this simplifies it somewhat, as a more direct comparison (and excluding the flagfall) you get the following total call time (at National Call rates), data and optional Mobile Repayment option (MRO).
      Business Mobile Cap plans:
      $49 – 500 minutes – 1GB – $20
      $59 – 625 minutes – 1GB – $20
      $79 – 937 minutes – 2GB – $20
      $99 – 1428 minutes – 2GB – $30

      Freedom Connect plans:
      $49 – 500 minutes – 1GB – $10
      $59 – 611 minutes – 1.5GB – $15
      $79 – 888 minutes – 2GB – $20
      $99 – 1333 minutes – 2.5GB – $25

      SMS rates are the same across all plans at the same level plan:
      $49 – unlimited SMS
      $59 – unlimited SMS
      $79 – unlimited SMS
      $99 – unlimited SMS

      So depending on your needs, choose the appropriate plan.

  • will they allow people who signed up less than a month before this was announced to change plans? like how apple refunds customers who buy just before an announcement or refresh kinda thing.

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