Speedtest.net Measures Your Bandwidth, Compares Your Speeds With Your Peers

Bandwidth-measuring site Speedtest.net updated today with a new look, more accurate bandwidth measuring tools, and a new feature, called Speed Wave, that allows you to compare your speeds with your peers.

In all, the update includes:

  • A complete UI overhall
  • Accounts for tracking results across your different computers: You don't need an account to access any of the site's basic features, but if you decide to sign up, you can manage your connections, group IP addresses, easily share the results page for your tests (nice for troubleshooting with your ISP), and so on.
  • Basic performance improvements: The test pings several severs closest to your IP address and automatically chooses the one with the lowest ping time; you can also still manually choose any server.
  • Speed Wave: Gathers a group of tests together so you can compare them in one easy-to-digest place.

Essentially it's the same old Speedtest.net with a few nice tweaks and improvements.



    Looks fairly good. Nice and simplified too.


      Do you work at Adam?

    Nice looking site and it even gives a ping test, however I notice that comparing it with sites like ZDNet "http://www.zdnet.com.au/broadband/speedtest.htm" It gives a markedly different speed. For instance ZDNet Gives me a speed of around 7M/ps whereas Speedtest gives me around 10.5M/ps..?? somethings not quite right there! :[

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