Compare Your Broadband Speed On The Lifehacker Speed Wave

One of the features of the newly updated is the ability to group together results in a "Speed Wave". I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of connections Lifehacker readers use, so I've set up a group Speed Wave where we can compare results.

To add your own connection results to the Wave, just hit this link and click on 'Join This Speed Wave' to run your own performance tests. While realistically I expect there'll be quite a lot of workplace connections in there, it will give us some idea of how much speeds can vary.

Lifehacker Speed Wave


    That average speed should make most of us wince. Median is around 10mb/s, which seems about right, though.

    Wish I was the person in Sarajevo.

    Wooo I'm winning :)

      What did you do? plug a Cat6 cable directly into the server running the test? OMG.

        Step 1: Host a server for
        Step 2: Run the test from within a browser ON THAT SERVER.
        Step 3: Gloat.

        (I'm pretty sure that JSzaszvari got it legitimately, though...when you're on aarnet, you can do amazing things)

    damn I'm hella jealous of a lot people there...would even kill for the average download rate

    I can barely get 4Mbps at home due to being about 3km away from my exchange. My phone's 3G connection is almost faster than my ADSL connection! How pathetic is it to live barely 6km from the centre of Melbourne and be unable to get speeds better than that? Bring on the NBN I say!

    Oh NBN, oh NBN, where for art thou NBN. I'm waiting.

    how is it that people can get such tiny ping speeds? 0ms in some cases - is that actually possible? i thought my ping speed of 21ms was good


      Good router, and high end connections give you very low ping times, but even decent consumer routers and connections give you outstanding results. For example; Optusnet cable with speed pack, wndr3700 router, and I get 5ms pings (to speedtest server hosted by optus), 98mbit down, 1.8mbit up.

    The obvious domestic upload speeds are pretty clear evidence why storing any reasonable amount of data in the cloud really isn't an option in Australia.

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