Skype For Mac Updates With Group Call Focusing, Feedback Tool

Mac: Skype recently brought an overhauled interface and group video calls to the Mac with version 5. Today, they've released an update that continues to improve upon those changes, with better group call features and the ability to give Skype feedback.The update is a fairly minor one, containing mostly bug fixes (albeit helpful ones) and a few other changes. Most notable is the ability to better focus on the active speaker in a group call and the ability to rate your call quality after each call, letting Skype further improve their services. They've also added the ability to dial recently called numbers from the dial pad, as well as added contact groups to the right side of your address book for better organisation. Hit the link to read more about the new build.

Skype is a free download for Mac OS X.

Skype 5.1 [viaSkype Blog]


    Does this improvement include giving the old interface back as an option?

    I don't know about other people, but I use instant messaging apps as in-the-background always-on things that just sit between my other windows as I'm working. The only thing that might fill up my screen is the Mail window.

    Why the new Skype 5 interface has to take up so much room I cannot fathom. The minimum contact list width is double what it used to be, and about two and a half times higher, leading to lower contact density - we're not all aged and infirm.

    Thankfully there is a window that one can probably hack - the contacts monitor. For some reason it stays above everything else the whole time. So either Skype's in the way due to being so big when I use it, or it's in the way due to always being in the way even when it's not active.

    I get the feeling either the majority of users don't use multiple apps at once and don't care, or Skype doesn't want to have to design multiple interfaces across operating systems.

      I hated the new Skype interface for the same reasons you've outlined, but over time I've come to appreciate the good parts of the new design.

      Overall, call handling (particularly conference calls) is much better, I prefer the file-transfer method and the general look and feel is a lot cleaner.

      But it's still too damn big.

        I tried the Beta a while ago and the interface is more than terrible, they got my feedback about that. The result was, 'uninstall' button and installing the previous version. I thought Mac users have their Mac's for a reason and not to be a 'copy' of what Window users are getting.
        They might have bug fixes and so on, a absolute NO from me.

          hi, i recently downloaded updates to skype and now have a permanent icon on my desk top constantly searching for what/
          i no longer can access skpe and wonder why?

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