Skype 5 Brings More Compact Interface, Premium Group Video Calls To Mac

Skype 5 Brings More Compact Interface, Premium Group Video Calls To Mac

We played with the Skype 5.0 beta when it first came out, and we had some pretty mixed feelings. The final version is out, however, and adds numerous features like group video calling and Address Book integration, while fixing the beta’s annoyances.

Group calling is, as we knew it would be, a premium feature, running at $US4.99 for a day pass or $US8.99 per month for a subscription. The rest of the program is quite an improvement over the beta, though. They’ve shrunk the windows down a bit, so you don’t need to hack the program to get rid of all the white space, and you have much more freedom when resizing your contact list quite a bit smaller (it still doesn’t get as compact as we’d like, but it’s much better than the beta). They’ve also brought back full screen in video calls, which was oddly missing from the previous version, and it’s nice to have it back.

Skype 5 is a free download for Mac OS X. Hit the link to read more, and check out the video above for a run-through of all the recent changes.

Introducing the New Version fo Skype for Mac [Skype Blog via ReadWriteWeb]


  • I persevered with the beta for a good few months before finally downgrading a couple of weeks ago. It feels so nice to have the old faithful skype interface back I think I’ll wait until the absolute last possible moment to upgrade, even though they appear to have fixed many of the issues I had with the beta.

    One real shame with the Beta (and probably the final version) is the porting of that hideous Windows Skype ringtone. The subtle Mac “ring” is SO much nicer!

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