Scan2List Is An iPhone Shopping Planner That Handles Australian Barcodes

Scan2List Is An iPhone Shopping Planner That Handles Australian Barcodes

Scan2List Is An iPhone Shopping Planner That Handles Australian BarcodesiPhone: There’s no shortage of shopping planning apps for mobiles designed to use barcodes to speed up the process, but most of them are resolutely US-centric. Scan2List is an Australian-designed app that lets you build a shopping list by scanning the barcodes of items in your kitchen cupboards.

As well as building a list through scanning (or entering manually), the list can be sorted into aisle categories to make your supermarket experience faster. You can also check off items as you buy them, and save lists for reuse in the future.

Scan2List is a free download for iPhone. If you give it a whirl, tell us how well it performs in the comments (my only iOS device right now is an iPod Touch which obviously isn’t much help here!)



  • Hi,
    Scan2List is available for download and use on the iTouch too. You can easily build lists by using a variety of methods, not just scanning. You can browse by aisle or just add items by typing in the intuitive search bar. Both of which are as easy and user frlendly as scanning. Don’t forget you can then share these lists with others too. So build a list, share it with “significant other” and put your feet up.
    Have a great day.

  • OK, that was very disappointing. A shopping list app has no reason to REQUIRE my details before I can even use it, or try it.

    This app sounded perfect, and I’ve been trying out numerous shopping apps over the past year or so. But to be ad supported? To ask my email address, name and date of birth? You’ve got to be kidding! Sorry, but that’s a big thumbs down.

    I’ll be very happy to BUY an app for $1 to $5 that excels as a shopping list, but I wont watch ads, or give you my details.

    Will provide same feedback on iTunes store.

    • try ShopShop –

      An easy to customise shopping list app that, lets you share you list with others, lets you create multiple lists, lets you ‘cross off’ items as you walk down the aisles and best of all is FREE of ads and cost.

      While it doesnt have fancy barcode scanning facility, once you have typed the item into your shopping list its always there for you and you can find them via the ‘the intuitive search bar’ ; )

    • Hi Travis,
      This has been a concern for a few prospective users. We are curently putting a new version of Scan2List through the app store that does not require any details to use the application.
      I hope you will give us another try when the update comes through.
      Thanks for the feedback.

  • Tried it on about ten things around the home. Wasn’t too good on random boutique beer, but for most kitchen items it was quite snappy and pretty good.

    I was pretty sceptical but overall it’s pretty good and I could even imagine using it.

    The above link Shopshop, seems pretty useless, if you want a list just use the notepad.

    • Hi Jon,

      I know finding a barcode on a banana is a bit difficult 🙂

      You can add items without barcodes by using the browse by aisle or just add items by typing in the intuitive search bar. Both of which are as easy and user frlendly as scanning. You can even add things along the lines of a to do list as well, like “paint the house”. I use it to make sure I don’t forget things when I go camping. My husband and I share a list and add things as we lead up to the holiday then check them off as we are packing. This way nothing gets left behind.

      Give it a try.


  • Guys,

    Nice app, well laid out and configurable. Not cluttered and actually works, well nearly…..

    Your “sync” option by downloading your app on multi-devices, great idea.

    But what’s the point? Really, if you don’t sync the Barcode number???

    Really disappointed…… I spent two(2) hours scanning all my Groceries AND taking photos with my iPad, set the category. Installed your app on my iPhone.

    Created a Scan2list account. shared on both devices.

    Why is the photo/barcode data not synced? Ok, photos, no problem don’t really need them shared.

    But the 6,8,11,13,14 digit barcode not synced?


    Have you tried scanning items with both iPad and iPhone at the supermarket ? I know I prefer to take the iPhone.

    Did you know it takes 4x times longer to Scan and + new items with the iPhone Vs iPad???

    Can you spend a few hours on your weekend to add the barcode field as “sync/shared” between two (2+ devices) when using the same scan2list account.

    Seriously, it’s the only thing stopping this app from going viral…. I know I’d email, Facebook, and YouTube it too death if u fixed this one up!!!

    Just a thought…..

    CaptainK ( btw.. pensively looking for an alternate to ur app)

  • I guess I forgot to spell out the overall effect of not sharing/syncing the BARCODE between two devices with the same account.

    Ie. scan 50 items at home on your iPad (at least 3-4 times faster than iPhone ) …. Goto supermarket …. Pullout iPhone ….. Login to scan2list….. Scan a “known item” you scanned at home…. “NOT FOUND” what!!!!!!

    Then do a text search …. Ah there it is …. S why did not scan? ….. Aha the BARCODE is not shared between devices, even though I am sharing the same scan2list account.

    Silly me…. Of course scan2list can find the barcode I just scanned….. The barcode is at home on my iPad. Yet the item name and shopping list is there.

    Oh so close guys…… Pls pls pls pretty please…..make the barcode visable/ shared/synced between devices with same user accounts.

    It would really make ur app one of those gotta have, can’t live without …….

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