Hide Long Articles In Email To Read Them At Work

Obviously we’re firm believers in workplace productivity here at Lifehacker Towers, but no-one can work ceaselessly for hours without an occasional break. If you want to read something online in the office but fear that doing so in a browser will make your not-strictly-on-the-clock activities clear to everyone, reader Matt reminds us of an easy method of concealment: inside your email client.

Here’s Matt’s own explanation:

Copy and paste long web articles into an email, and address it to your personal account; read the article and look like you are doing work! If someone comes too close, just ‘finish up’ and send it to yourself – win-win; you looked like you were working AND you don’t forget to read the rest of the article later.

Again, we’ll emphasise that this is a question of balance: no-one should use this method for eight hours a day, but some workplaces take a ludicrously strict view of appropriate behaviour. Thanks Matt!

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