Hide Long Articles In Email To Read Them At Work

Hide Long Articles In Email To Read Them At Work

Obviously we’re firm believers in workplace productivity here at Lifehacker Towers, but no-one can work ceaselessly for hours without an occasional break. If you want to read something online in the office but fear that doing so in a browser will make your not-strictly-on-the-clock activities clear to everyone, reader Matt reminds us of an easy method of concealment: inside your email client.

Here’s Matt’s own explanation:

Copy and paste long web articles into an email, and address it to your personal account; read the article and look like you are doing work! If someone comes too close, just ‘finish up’ and send it to yourself – win-win; you looked like you were working AND you don’t forget to read the rest of the article later.

Again, we’ll emphasise that this is a question of balance: no-one should use this method for eight hours a day, but some workplaces take a ludicrously strict view of appropriate behaviour. Thanks Matt!


  • HAHAHAHA gold! As soon as I read Matt’s response to my comment on the article immediately thought it was worthy of a dedicated lifehacker article. Now THIS is what this website is all about!

  • Been doing this for years.

    I just send the articles to my work email address to avoid the corporate “police” monitoring of non-work internet browsing.

    Blake’s idea of hiding them in a spreadsheet is cool if the corporate “police” also read your emails.

  • Lifehacker should not encourage this kind of behavior. Not because taking a break is wrong, but because it encourages crappy management to think it is ok to work people raw. There should be no need to hide what you are doing. Whether it is reading a work relevant article or a personal interest for a few minutes.

    • Fair comment Nick, but just to put a little perspective on it, I’m a Team Leader at the moment, so technically I’m part of the “crappy management” to which you refer! But the team works in a highly visible area with hundreds of customers passing every hour – I actually suggested this to the team so that they can look like they are being productive, and get some “sanity time”.

      BTW The irony was not lost when I emailed this article to my personal email address so I could read it….

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