Foxtel Pledges To Actually Stick To A Schedule

Foxtel Pledges To Actually Stick To A Schedule

One of our most >common complaints about TV around hereis that broadcasters won’t keep a show in a consistent timeslot on their schedule, shifting programs at the first hint of a ratings tremor. So it’s worth noting that Foxtel director of television Brian Walsh says the pay TV network can see no value in that kind of audience-annoying behaviour.

Speaking on Sky Business’ Mediaweek program, Walsh lashed out at that kind of network behaviour:

The interesting difference is we regard our viewers as customers. They are paying for our services and they deserve to be treated in a respectful manner when scheduling programmes.

We’d love it even more if free-to-air networks woke up and realised that there’s new technology out there, and clearly Foxtel viewers are customers in a more literal sense, but at least this is a start.

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  • While their at it could they lower their prices for the full package? I would go back with them if I could get IQ2 HD full package for less then $80 and not be forced to watch so much ads and repeated shows, including the old 80’s shows.

  • we are all customers (even of free-to-air), but the TV channels either forgot that or never knew. lack of promptness was one of the major reasons I stopped watching broadcast tv about 4 or 5 years ago. it’s just rude and disrespectful.

  • Interesting isnt it…a media company like Foxtel that doesnt have an email address for complaints and when last checked you had to use snail mail
    It only needs to be 6 channels or do what the Free 2 air guys use….digital channels with the same crap on every channel…so thats why I pay for Foxtel 80% crap 20% good BUT LISTEN TO ME MR MURDOCH
    cut #%^&* ads as we shouldnt have to put up with it when we pay so much money I HAVE NEVER PURCHASED ANYTHING THAT IS CONSTANTLY ADVERTISED ON THERE

    Gee that friggin bellend from the shopping network doing a SHITIBANK credit card ad “tired of high interest rates well transfer over to us and we’ll charge no interest for 6 months…its a bit like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction a good shag for a few months then you get reemed @ 22% for the rest of your days you’ll wish you kept it in your pants!!

    We also get to pay all this money and then ABC and SBS get to show the same stuff for nothing and guess what it won’t get any better when they take over Austar but then again Telstra couldnt do anything right including making their share price reflect anything better than a P/E ratio of 1:1

    What a self absorbed bunch of wankers that came up with the Kardashians and others of their ilk
    No wonder the world is going to hell in hand basket….face it people you just arent that interesting or even if you were who gives a $%^^& if you are having vegemite on your toast

    • @billg
      As requested;

      He’s very upset they don’t have email contact

      He’s very upset that approx 80% of content is recycled repeats. Furthermore, he’s upset at the cost of the product especially when its a paid service. He then becomes very upset by this fact and wishes to make it very clear to Mr Murdoch that he does not support the advertisers that interrupt his service.

      He likens one of the advertisers to a penis and believes said penis will do you over after a few months. Bit like a new girlfriend might after the honeymoon period.

      He notes that ABC and SBS at times have the same content for free and doesn’t think this will change when they merge with Austar. At the same time he is upset at the performance of Telstra’s share price.

      I myself am not a fan of the Kardashians but SR is very disappointed with the program. The next little bit is hard to translate but I get the impression he is under a lot of stress and is lashing out at the world generally or possible the Kardashians. If it is the latter I assume there must have been a Kardashians episode involving vegemite and toast.

      Hope this helps

  • i agree with sr this is bullshit how they can expect us to pay up 1300 bucks a year for this crap is beyond me I just got on there site you can complain at the bottom an i have an hope as many other people can to maybe we can stop them bending us over an get some value for owe hard earned dollars

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