Which Foxtel Channels Run In Widescreen?

Which Foxtel Channels Run In Widescreen?

Foxtel launched a bunch of new channels over the weekend, but it’s always something of a crap shoot when you switch channels as to whether you’ll get a widescreen or 4:3 image. TV Tonight has a handy list of which channels are currently offered in widescreen format.

The blog also reveals that Foxtel is planning to go all-widescreen by the end of 2011. If your preferred viewing screen is attached to a PC, be sure to check out how to make Foxtel Downloads work on 64-bit Windows.

Foxtel channels widescreen by 2011 [TV Tonight]


  • Basically most all the early TV shows are in 4:3 format and Foxtel probably crops them to suit 16:9, effectively zooming the image to fit the screen.

    Conversely some movies originally shot in 16:9 have been formatted to 4:3 to suit older TVs.

    Also you’d think airlines would put some decent 16:9 screens in the back of the seats rather than very cheap 4:3 units.

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