Avoid Idea Plateaus With A Plan

In this short talk, writer, speaker and creative professional Scott Belsky discusses what he calls "idea plateaus" — the inevitable doldrums that follow the high you feel after coming up with a new idea — and how to avoid them.

Belsky points to idea plateaus as the reason "why there are more half-written novels in the world than there are novels". His simple solution: You have to make a plan, set up restraints and use other tricks — creating games, finding competition — to remain engaged. As he explains, rather than starting with an exciting idea and then plowing into execution, planning in this way provides much-needed short-term rewards that can keep you motivated.

I won't try summing it all up — just watch the talk in the video.

PICKED: Scott Belsky on How to Avoid Idea Plateaus [Brain Pickings]


    nice one. These kinds of talks are usually riddled with 99% bullshit, but some of this crept into my brain.

    Good advice for 'serial' idea generators - I like to say that if you have an idea without a plan and the discipline to execute it you maybe better advised to keep it to youself until youy've done some of the heavy lifting the other 99% requires!

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